Which Plan to Buy? or how to transfer the app

As I am a freelancer which plan should i go with should i create the CRM in my account and transfer it to the client or who should buy the subscription how does that work

Hi @ashwanth_kumar
The proper way to do that is to join our partner program and get access to partner subscriptions (free of charge).

After you are ready to transfer the project to the customer account, you can do it using support or the button “Transfer project” in the project settings modal that will be available later this month for most partner accounts.

Also, you can build a project for your customer using any plan (including free) and transfer it via support.

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Oh wow this is amazing @OlegSotnikov ! So I can build an app (for free) and sell it? Say in acquire.com :sunglasses:

Then I can easily transfer the ownership to the buyer?

Btw, I already applied to the partner program.

I’ll wait…

There are a couple of important limitations on the Learn & Explore (free) plan:

  • App container stops after 30 minutes of inactivity in Studio. You can launch it again.
  • The project will be removed after 14 days of inactivity in Studio.

In general, L&R is a very good plan to continuously learn and explore the platform but not run real applications.

Check the Earn Credits program inside of the Workspace to get more options for getting subscriptions for free.

P.S. Sending partners emails one by one, about a week delay now.

Oh I thought partners can be able to use AppMaster for free (not just the L&R) but at least the Startup package.

Yeah I already submitted my post on X to the Earn Credits program but it’s still not credited.

I really hope partners like freelancers can be able to use the Startup package so we can build decent apps that either:

  1. We could sell and help promote AppMaster to larger market.
  2. Earn from the app and we could be able to pay for the subscription.
  3. If nothing happen for 1 year, cut off the partnership.

What do you think, @OlegSotnikov ?