[Upcoming] New access control in Studio

Our team is working on improved access control in Studio.
New access schema will replace existing one with direct transition of roles when possible.

New set of project roles:

  • Project Admin - full access to the project, including billing and ability to create applications.
  • Fullstack Developer - RW (read-write) access to all applications in the project, project settings
  • Backend Developer - RW access to backend applications, read access to web and mobile apps
  • Frontend Developer - RW access to web and mobile apps, read access to backend applications
  • Web Developer - RW access to web apps, read-only to backend and mobile apps
  • Mobile Developer - RW access to mobile apps, read only to backend and web
  • Custom - a fully customizable role with ability to grant permissions to exact application.

Default permissions scheme - DENY ALL (deny everything that is not explicitly allowed).

IMPORTANT NOTE. Starting with this update all users must have roles in the project to be able to access it. Our current approach with unlimited access of Workspace Admins to any project without role in it will be deprecated.