[Upcoming] Changes to platform billing & subscriptions

We are in the process of upgrading our billing in AppMaster Studio and in the next 4-6 weeks we will introduce the following changes.

Deprecated billing metrics:

  • Number of business processes in the application

New billing metrics:

  • Number of business process blocks per project
  • Number of data models, global variables, endpoints, scheduler tasks, External API Requests, modules will change scope from per app to per project.

Built-in business process blocks like Start, End and trigger blocks will be excluded from billing metrics. Module and system data models will also be excluded from billing and will be not counted as billable.

Metric changes are targeted to shift developers’ behavior from saving BPs by growing number of blocks inside to BP reuse and optimization.

New subscriptions:

  • Website Standard, Website Pro - one web application only, no backend or mobile apps included.
  • MobileApp Standard, MobileApp Pro - one mobile application only, no backend or web included.
  • Backend Standard, Backend Pro - one backend application only, no web or mobile included.

Any single app subscriptions can be upgraded to the all-in-one tier to get backend, web and mobile applications in the project. We expect that single app subscription pricing will start from around $20/mo.

Platform credits will be separated from primary workspace balance.
Credits are usually earned via Earn Credits program, or received via our partner programs with accelerators, universities, colleges, and marketing partners.

Until now all earned credits were directly deposited to the workspace balance. In the updated version credits will be visible on the dedicated billing page inside of the workspace.

During changes/payments for subscriptions billing subsystem will try to debit funds with the following priorities:

Oldest credits → Newest credits → Workspace Balance → Default Payment Card → Other payment methods available

Billing will always use credits first, workspace balance and only if previous funds is insufficient will try to charge the missing amount from the payment instrument.