Unable to Add Headers in HTTP Request Node - Need Assistance

Hi AppMaster Community,

I’m currently facing an issue with adding headers to an HTTP Request node in my business process and would greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance.

Background: I’m attempting to set up an API request to OpenAI’s GPT-3. My goal is to configure the HTTP Request node with the following details:

  • URL: https://api.openai.com/v1/engines/davinci-codex/completions
  • Method: POST
  • Headers:
    • Authorization: Bearer YOUR_OPENAI_API_KEY
    • Content-Type: application/json
      Request Body:

“prompt”: “{request.body.prompt}”,
“max_tokens”: 100

Steps I’ve Taken:

  1. HTTP Request Node Configuration:
  • Dragged the HTTP Request node onto the canvas.
  • Set the URL and Method without any issues.
  1. Adding Headers:
  • Clicked on the Headers section and attempted to add static values for Authorization and Content-Type.
  • Encountered issues where the interface does not allow me to add the values correctly. I end up with two trash can icons and no headers added.

What I’ve Tried:

  • Repeatedly tried adding headers following the instructions provided.
  • Enabled middleware but did not find a clear way to programmatically set headers using the middleware section.
  • Reviewed documentation and attempted to configure headers using possible alternatives, but the issue persists.

Request for Assistance:

  • Could someone please provide a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to properly add headers to the HTTP Request node?
  • If this is a known issue, are there any workarounds or fixes available?
  • Any additional insights into configuring middleware to handle headers programmatically would be helpful.

Thank you in advance for your help! Your guidance is much appreciated as I’m new to this platform and still learning the ropes.

Best regards,

Please refer to this guide

For headers you need to use Key-Value (string) model
Key = Authorization
Value = Bearer …

And pay attention to OpenAI module available for installation. It makes GPT usage much more simple

I was actually looking at this last night, I guess not as intently as I should have as it was mostly related to the Telegram but I will give it a more detailed look. Thanks you.

I am beginning to realize this process is a mistake, I just do not have any code experience and I went into this thinking I could use AI to assist me. Unfortunately, ChatGPT, Code GPT, Grimoire, and CoPilot have all turned into epic failures. I have been my entire free period trying to get it to work and I haven’t gotten a single button action, or even a module connected. I have spent a ridiculous number of hours on this, I have tried other platforms with Bubble.io being the last before AppMaster. I have found that there is no such thing as drag and drop and it’s so easy. It is not easy if you do not know coding, period. If not for having time away from my job getting ready to relocate, I would have been forced to give up long ago. My last effort is to find out what kind of costs are involved with getting someone to make the AppMaster connections I need? The front end was rather easy, I think it looks rather nice, but I can’t sell my idea for this app because it looks nice.

Hey Roger,
If you can clearly explain what function you want to build, our team can make a very accurate example to replicate.

Just take some time to describe here and we will show the easiest path.

If I were able to get the OpenAI module (I believe I have managed the module connection) or I guess the ChatGPT incorporated, would it then be able to assist with other Business Process connectors? I have tried and tried with more than a couple AI’s outside of AppMaster and no one has been able to grasp the concept of finding the correct Nodes and it becomes completely lost when I express the need for more than one string or connector. Even providing with as many examples as I can find the AI is lost, myself being far more lost.
I apologize for sounding like I am whining I have just put in many hours working at this.