Smth wrong in deserialize json

Describe the bug - A clear and concise description of what the bug is

I have a json coming from backend and trying to deserialize it to model, but getting null’s in received model instead getting right value for number of users

Steps to Reproduce
on project 448019 launch web app and navigate to data web page

Expected behavior
i expect to get correct deserialization of json to model

Priority - (P0/Critical for all - P4/at some point)



**Additional context**

Add model example, add JSON example

Looks like your JSON doesn’t have boolean values.
“true” and “false” are strings.
Boolean in JSON is without “”

So solution will be either change data type in model or change logic of json generation? Will this 100% help?

Provided info is not enough to understand exact problem.
Please paste JSON incoming do deserialize block here (not screen but exact json).
Are you sure that json really looks like your model and this is not key-value array?
May be you should try to deserialize it to array of Key-Value (string) model.
Check Error in Deserialize block.