Running a web application on iOS 16.4 and below

Hello, are there any options to run the application on iOS 16.4 and below, through third-party services or any other option? Many of my frends who don’t care what smartphone they have are using 16.4 and below, and it already sounds stupid when I say that it doesn’t run on their phones. Now imagine if the target is hundreds of thousands of users - we’ll have to specify this, and it immediately discredits the project. Give at least some solution and tell me what progress you have in this direction. For many, this is a critical point that isn’t even clarified anywhere at the beginning of work on your platform and ultimately puts people in a dead end when they face this after lost time and money.

At this point we support any Apple device from iPhone 8 with actual OS version.
Unfortunately, to gain required performance we had to introduce webworkers in our latest generation of web applications, released about 3 months ago.

We plan to improve the list of supported Safari versions later this year. I looks like we have some tricks to lower minimum version to 15.5 without major changes to the app architecture.