[Released] We move some of the mobile BPs into plug-in modules: BLE, NFC, Contacts, Calls

:warning: Over the past week, we have encountered an increased number of rejections when publishing applications to the AppStore and Google Play for various reasons - from the advertising identifier to the presence of code with an API that is not used in the application (for example, BLE, NFC).

Store moderators are checking apps very extensively, so we need to make some changes asap:

  1. We move some of the mobile BPs into plug-in modules (to access BPs you will have to install a module):
  • NFC
  • BLE
  • Device Sensors
  • Contact Management (Android Only)
  • Call Management (Android Only)
  • SMS Management (Android Only)
  • Wallet
  1. We adding more permissions so developers can manage them with more precision. Yesterday we already added Ad ID to Android.

By the middle of next week, the changes will be applied to all projects. If your project currently uses sensor, BLE or NFC - please reach out us so we can carefully check the migration.

Migration is completed.