[Released] New major release of Studio UI (v4)

We almost ready to release new major version of the Studio UI (v4).

About 10 months ago our team started development of the new Studio UI to address a number of fundamental issues in the current generation Studio.

Here is a list of main changes and improvements in the new release:

  • New system architecture utilizing Module Federation with Vue3 instead of iframe-based microservices with up to 5x less browser memory consumption across Studio and designers.
  • New Database Visual Designer with global enums support.
  • New External API Designer with REST, WSS and Redis connectors with swagger import.
  • i18n editors for web, mobile and backend applications.
  • Updated version of the Web Applications Designer with new element options and modules support.
  • New monitor section with a lot of charts to monitor status of backend applications, endpoints load and view logs.
  • Backend microservices architecture ready - multiple backend applications per project
  • Finally deprecated project-level modules in favor to application-level modules
  • New mobile applications designer technical preview (v4)
  • New access control schema, new roles and access
  • New billing and billing plans, including new credits section

Building new Studio version consumed a lot of our time and resources, negatively affecting our overall performance of delivering new features and improvements to the core product. Once new versions will be fully released, we will be able to quickly progress on all our outstanding features and issues.

We plan to start releasing new version on Tuesday, June 25 and will gradually introduce new parts of the update step by step during a couple of weeks.