Question about supported web and mobile versions

First of all congrats to AppMaster team: you made awesome product!

To be honest I was skeptical about it at the very beginning a couple of weeks ago, but now I finally got understanding of the product concept.
As an experienced web developer I really like how you build web applications (webworkers!) and it looks like logic can be scaled very well.

My questions:

  • Do you have plans on supporting older browsers? Chrome older than 100, Firefox below 114 and Safari prior to IOS 16
  • What versions of IOS and Android are supported now? You mentioned that you use SwiftUI and it was launched with IOS 13 but was almost unusable to make complex layouts until 15.

Since you use nested webworkers (at least looks like) and native ESM import, is there any chance that you will make version without it to be compatible with old browsers? Also it will be great to have message if current browser is not supported.

P.S. Any special pricing for non-profits?

Thank you!

Hey George!
Welcome to AppMaster Community!

You are absolutely right about our webapps architecture - we use webworkers with nesting, PostMessage/MessageChannel to communicate. Also true regarding ESM imports.

In our current generation webapps we deliberately used webworkers to maximize scalability and performance for any types of logic. And thats come at some cost - there are older browsers that do not allow to launch nested webworkers.

There is no easy way to eliminate those two technologies to let old browsers run our web applications. Our current plan is to extend current architecture with workerless approach with no ESM imports. There will be no compat version, but instead we will embed compatible code into the bundle. Unfortunately, we don’t have no exact ETA yet, but we want to implement it till the end of this year (2024).

We will add message about unsupported browser version.

Mobile applications can run on IOS 14 and Android 6. New generation of mobile applications will have significantly improved performance with IOS16+ because of modern SwiftUI version and will run in legacy mode for older OS. We have no plans to support IOS below 14 in our mobile applications.

We have. Reach out to our team by email [email protected]