New Revenue Sharing Partner Program

Hi everyone!

Exciting news for AppMaster partners! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Revenue Sharing program. Partners who participate in this program will receive an impressive 50% share of the customer subscription payments for a period of two years!

How does Revenue Sharing work

  • Your agency should have active partner status
    You, as a freelancer or your agency, must have an active partner status to be eligible to get access to revenue sharing deals.

  • New customers
    Revenue sharing is available for new customers only. Revenue sharing is not available if a company already uses AppMaster for its projects or is working with AppMaster Sales Team.

  • Project & Subscriptions
    Any standard project with a commercial subscription is eligible for revenue sharing. Special subscriptions (non-profit, price-hold, etc) are not eligible.

  • Available in most countries around the world
    The 50% revenue sharing applies to subscriptions from customers in the USA, Canada, EU, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, UAE, Turkey, Australia, and New Zealand. For other territories, the revenue sharing is limited to 30%. Revenue sharing is valid for 2 years.

Benefits of partnering with AppMaster

  • The most advanced DevTool
    Create web, mobile, and backend applications in a single platform with perfect integration. On-premise hosting and source code export are available.

  • More deals for your agency
    We forward new customer requests to our certified partners. Higher status and more contribution - more leads and deals you will get from us.

  • SMB & Enterprise Customers
    AppMaster is uniquely suitable for Enterprise and Corporate customers with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC2, and GDPR requirements.

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