Mob. Image upload issue. Return no image at download

Team, quick one: I capture image from my phone with filepicker. I get the file ID back and try to download it with /api/_files/ID/download/ . But in return I get nothing. What can be wrong?

Has the file been uploaded to the database?

Yes, file have been uploaded:

Are you logged in to receive files? If not, then you have removed the middleware from the endpoints that participate in the bp

Yep, I have removed middleware both for upload and for download prior to post this help issue…

Do you have logs? Is there some errors?

Not that I see - the file is created and uploaded

… but you can see that no image is shown

Looks like everything works correctly but your business process needs some changes.
Pay attention to initial file upload. File that is picked and resized at frontend doesn’t have any suitable ID, it will be obtained only after saving at backend. So you post file and provide only name of it. It doesn’t have any other data inside.
Try to remove Expand and Make file blocks and connect Resized image directly to POST /_files/

Nope, didn’t help. Now it doesn’t upload files at all.

Also tried to remove the resize block as a whole. It doesn’t upload new file as it doesn’t exist. No ID is returned…

How do you get file and where did it go? Show bp. Also make log blocks on mobile to handle success and errors from file get block

Файл беру из filepicker, к нему привязан БП - OnFileChange

Вот сам бизнес-процесс. Результаты формируют модель Seismic_Point и отправляются в базу данных. Все, кроме картинок работает…

  1. Поставьте лог между экспандом модели и to string блоком и проверьте что есть file_id
  2. Между to string и concat strings и проверьте что там тоже есть значение file_if, которое уже стало string типом
  3. Проверьте url, который вы формируете склеиванием

I did all that, there’s no response from the post _files block. Here are the logs:


And here’s the business process:

Ну и видно, что в базе не появляется новой записи о файле…

Блоки логов на мобильных устройствах - локальные. Вы можете посмотреть их только в логах на самих мобильных устройствах.
Проверяйте настройки эндпоинта POST _/files/

Нашли возможную проблему. Проверим.

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Добрый день! Удалось ли решить?

Any update?
Thank you!