Make size + text update - dont working on iOs

I want to change the height of a block of text, but resizing doesn’t work. I specified the ID element, it doesn’t help

All works fine. Select Element ID. Check pls and confirm that all works. I checked it

you checked on the mobile version or the web?

does not work. I’ve already checked many times



IOS before

IOS after

I sent you the above screenshots. you can see my business process

check please


BP with new custom text longer then static value

IOS before

IOS after

If the text is outside the sheet - everything is ok with the make-up size


If the text is in the sheet then its height will not change. I didn’t touch the settings for the sheet blocks, they are standard when you take it from the catalog.

I specifically placed a line under the text to see how the block sizes change

We are working on this issue, but unfortunately there is a fundamental limitation of our current implementation. To fix it’s behavior we must reimplement a bunch of underlying components.

Once fix is ready, we will update this post.

Approximately how long will this take?