List - loading speed

How to get rid of the fact that “default” values appear 0.5 seconds before the value is set in the Sheet from the DB

This is very annoying for the user.

Where list on page? Add screens where list at

Can’t load page

why doesn’t it load for you? I’m loading the “Test 1” header from the database

As I understand your case - everything looks correct.

  1. Element is created. Is appears with default state configured in editor.
  2. Request is sent to backend data
  3. Data is used to change element state

You can change initial element state and app logic to what is required in editor. May be you should set visibility = false and make it true when data is recieved, or use loading states, or remove initial default value of header.

Yes, probably visibility of elements is a better solution because if I remove the default value, then I won’t understand the project))) Thanks