Issue at backend request

When I truing to create new request in app I get this bug:

Can’t find file or directory. External request or our backend BP endpoint?

Is it can be a reason for issue?

This issue became yesterday, after updating AM. Before it work corectly.

Please republish your app and check again.

More details on the bugs:

  1. A new record in the database is created by creating an entity on the front end of the application (via make) and then passed to the back end, where the record is already created. The problem is that for some reason nothing is written to this new record in the backend - no number (custom), nothing in general. Maybe the problem is that in this way it is impossible to create records in the database? The screenshot above shows how the record is created.
  2. The whole process fails on the absence of a file or directory, but the file is successfully saved in the database. Perhaps the reason for this is what I described in point 1.

Guys, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this bug appeared after the AM update this week. I did not make any edits to this BP. Please see what’s wrong, as this process is the basis of my application and without it I can’t work further!

I checked record creation. All works fine.

Fix is applied, should be working now. Please publish again.