I need help with URL Params

I don’t understand how to set this value. Please tell me which unit should be connected to it


OK, thank you. How to open this page? I pass it to value and I want my page with the name :id to open and have “id1” in its url

You only need to set correct Key and Value and use it as any other navigation.
In your case it will be like this:

When you are on the page - you can use page container On Create trigger, check url :id value and run what is required.

onCreate on Page dont save BP(

Use Page Container (First flex element), not the page itself

why does it connect in your example but not in mine)

You can’t connect type “any” with type “any” (gray color) make special type to connect with type “any”

Please tell me which block should I use for this?

If you want to convert from string. Select string type in field “value” in To integer block. Then connect


If you need variable - yes. If you need to connect directly to “To integer” block - use empty static value in block for “Value” field