How to connect a screen to the data models

i have created a screen with text input fields like a form , how can i store the details that i am entering in the form to the related table

Let’s go through all process step by step.

  1. You need to create endpoint that could be used for sending data to server to make a database record. You can choose system DB: Create business process as the simplest solution, or use a more complex option and create your own business process

  2. For beginners I’d recommend to disable auth middlware. This will allow to test process and skip configuring of user authorization and setting auth token (this could be done later)

  3. Now you cand go to mobile editor. Probably you have some inputs already prepared. Need to add business process for button that will be used to submit this form

  4. Button onTap trigger could be used. And first step is to set loading status for button to visualize process of submitting data. Pay attention that Element ID has to be set for every element. This is the same button that is tapped so Element ID could be connected directly from trigger

  5. Next step you need to collect values from all inputs that are used in you form. Don’t forget to set correct Element ID.

  6. Now, when you have all required values, you can make a database model and use a server request to save it in database. Loading status should be removed from button.

  7. If everything is done correctly - new record will appear in database. But you can add some notifications to control the process. Let’s show toast with a result of operation

  8. Save your application, publish it and check the result.

  9. Open DB button could be used to check and edit result directly in your database without creating special process for this.

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