Google Translator + text update. doesn't work well

iPhone. When I use the Google Translator module, the text after insertion will be in 1 line.
Or equal to the size of what was set as default.

I recorded a more detailed explanation on Video and sent it to Anton

Work in progress


Backend BP

Mobile BP on Text element


I did tests like yours

  1. Static text inserted into the model - OK
  2. Text inserted into the module from the database - OK
  3. The text is in the Sheet + DB on the sheet - BUG

The text is cut off from behind the sheet. I did not change any settings for the text and sheet. How to transfer it from the directory to the project, such settings are there

In the screenshot, after the strip there is text from the sheet, above the strip there is text from the database directly through GetOne

Even if you set the statistical text inside the sheet through the upgrade text or draw a line from the model, it will be cut off.

Conclusion, this is a problem in the combination of Sheet + text and not Google Translate.
Please correct it or tell me the optimal settings for sheets and text so that

  1. The application did not crash (because this happens very often if you set the height to 100% and a lot of content comes from the database)
  2. Blocks did not jump on each other (also often if auto)