Connect Chat Completion to Thread ID

Need help with OpenAI blocks
I have number of GPT Assistants, many Threads and Messages into and need to finalize thread and take the answer from gpt. Where should I connect the Threads_id to ChatCompletion block? I don’t see something like this. Or there is another block to threads execution?

To work with Thread there are separated blocks
ChatCompletion is an old API and is not related to the Thread API in any way.

Ok, I create the thread, sent info message there and want to get the answer. Do I need to run “Run” and get the response from it? on which connector can there be content of “thread.message.completed”?

Did I understand correctly that this is how you are supposed to look for the desired GPT answer?

To receive answer from Thread use this block

I didn’t understand where the answer here is?

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I’ve managed it. After making the Run we should get Thread Message list and found there ones with “assistant” sign. And it’s very important to hold delaying between post and read request.