Business process and workflows

Hi, so i recently found and understand it is 1 year since launch from product hunt? I worked some time on, loved the integrated database, and on, they do not have an integrated database. I’m glad i found this tool for frontend and backend.

I’ve only started on it today and did a tutorial to create an api endpoint to calculate 2 numbers in different ways. I noticed that there was a lot of repetition when making the business processes and workflows on the front end. Are there easier ways to create these things without repeating 3 blocks 7 times?

I do think this tool has massive potential, but if you’re going to make some complex business processes, and have to be repeating blocks constantly it is going to become so complicated to work in.

I suspect you can use the loop, switch, for loop blocks etc but why not include those in the tutorial instead of repeating the same blocks over and over?

Still, i am amazed by the tool and what it does for you and what you caan do with it. But it will take some time to learn to work with it.

The best way to reuse blocks is making generic business process. When it’s done - use can use it as a single block with input and output data in any other business process.

By the way - AppMaster supports hotkeys. So you can use Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V to copy blocks