🗓 AppMaster week's updates (W3-2024)

  • Added DB Update block with Upsert support in the Business Processes (BP). It updates only those fields where values were passed. The DB Patch will be marked as deprecated in future releases.
  • Fixed the functionality of HAS_ONE relationships. Previously, BELONGS_TO was mistakenly used. Automatic migration has been enabled for all projects.
  • Added BP blocks for converting JSON/XML/YAML.
  • Introduced BP blocks for working with HEX, bytes, and characters (Char).
  • Updated tooltips for 140+ BP blocks.
  • Added BP blocks for working with Passkey/FIDO2 for the backend and iOS. Web and Android versions are pending.
  • Updated Auth module: Added support for choosing a set of tokens for storing user sessions. An HTTP-Only Cookie has been added. The combination of Bearer + HTTP-Only Cookie significantly reduces the risks of user session theft from Local Storage. If authenticated through Postman, it successfully saves the Cookie for subsequent requests. If you want to use a stronger variant - you have to set that option in the Auth module.
  • Fixed bugs in the Stripe v2 module.