Android app endpoint auth error

When the application is launched for the first time by an authorized user, the endpoint user profile does not generate errors. And then if you exit the application completely with the system button and re-enter then endpoint It gives an error that the user is not authorized

Project 404177

There is privacy_confirm variable. Switch works from it. Where you set it? May be problem there?

No, after that I removed everything and just left the endpoint profile and it’s still like that.

i make new logic in a launch screen i navigate an another srceen (loading screen) and check whith this BP

Please make sure that:

  • You set auth token during authorization
  • No endpoints in between responded with 401 (no authorized)
  • Is your case related to a cold start of the application or thats just app moved from background to foreground?
  • Remove global variable and use just server requests to debug
  • Log all actions to understand where problem actually is

As a recommendation for the future: never access output vars of the blocks before you checked the result of the server request (success).

I make another logic . The first app launch is success , the next is false when we have authToken.

The user which we test is logged in user. If i press first start app is starting without erreors but then i press system Back button and app is closing> i trying start app and error will start (401:unathorized) and i try this operation many time. IF i close app and clean the app is start .

Here BP for app launch. User doesn’t logout when i close app, if i close it completely, if i close it in background. 401 error only if user not logged

The problem is resolved. Thank you Appmaster team.