iOS permission descriptions

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Apple need this >>>

Next Steps

Update the location purpose string to explain how the app will use the requested information and provide an example of how the data will be used. See the attached screenshot.


Purpose strings must clearly describe how an app uses the ability, data, or resource. The following are hypothetical examples of unclear purpose strings that would not pass review:

  • “App would like to access your Contacts”
  • “App needs microphone access”

We are working on adding descriptions to the permissions. ETA for release - this week.

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Any updates? … …

Release. Permission texts are available under permissions section.
Please check and let us know if everything is working as expected.

Tested. Does not work ( .

And another case we have is that there are two types of users who need to show different descriptions. It would be better if we could do this through the BP.

Applied a couple of fixes and tested from our side - everything works with ios. Try again please.

There will be no option to change permission labels in BPs since they compiled into system plist file of the IOS application and there is no way to change them in a realtime.

At this stage it is not possible to generate an application on iOS there is such a notification

after build 2948 new builds do not appear in the list

Have you completed all required permission? Everything is filled in according to the requirements corresponding to Apple’s requests?

All fields requested by Apple have been filled in.
Project 404177

Did you tested permissions before publish in store? Does all the texts in the application match what you entered in the designer?

The problem is that I can’t test it. A new build is not going to happen. On the old build the text is standard

Pls start new build. If there is a problem we can see it in logs

The generator is started. But the answer is the same.

Do you publish directly in store on in TestFlight?

We sent the application generation which is located inside the appmaster studio. There is no new Build with this version in the store itself

Did you increment vesion? Is there mail about build?

Yes, we receive a version notification by email.

Just released a new version of IOS generator.
You can generate again and let us know if the issue is fixed.